Home Pool

Stories of Fly Fishing and Lesser Passions


Book Description

  • Finalist in the 2009 Colorado Book Awards

    16 short stories about fly fishing:

  • The Specter at Grizzly Hackle
  • Ute Creek Pass
  • Tying the Whip Finish
  • For the Sport of It
  • The View from Buffalo Mountain
  • The Home Pool
  • Plus 10 more

    Sixteen short stories evoke the passion of fly fishing and those who are entranced by the waters. Ducker dedicates this collection to his favorite "uncounted mountain lakes and twice as many unnamed streams" where he finds the inspiration for his fiction. His colorful characters include a cantankerous old man who refuses to leave his home and brings the sophisticated city developers to their knees, a young wife who outfishes and outsmarts the staid "good old boys" fishing club, a Hassidic scholar who astounds his fishing companions with his beginner's luck, and a father who can only understand his son when they share a rare afternoon of trout fishing. The enchantment of the water and the land fill these stories and remind readers of the magic of fishing their own home pools.

  • About the Author

    Bruce Ducker is the author of eight novels, including Dizzying Heights. He has fished throughout the world, including the Rocky Mountain West. His work has been published in literary journals, fly-fishing magazines, and Gray's Sporting Journal. He lives in Colorado.

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