The Gettysburg Companion

A Guide to the Most Famous Battle of the Civil War


Book Description

  • Unlike any Gettysburg book now available with comprehensive, blow-by-blow account of the celebrated Civil War battle
  • Lavishly illustrated with color maps, diagrams, charts, drawings, paintings, and period photos along with modern-day photos that are overlaid with markings to show troop movements
  • Covers uniforms, equipment, and weaponry as well as orders of battle and tactics

    There have been many books about Gettysburg, but never one to rival this in scale or authority. Based on extensive research, The Gettysburg Companion describes the battle in detail, drawing on firsthand accounts of participants on all sides in order to give the reader a vivid sense of what it was like to experience the carnage at Gettysburg in early July 1863. The many full-color maps--all specially commissioned for the book--and the numerous photographs, charts, and diagrams make this book a feast for the eyes and a collector's dream.

  • About Adkin, Mark

    Mark Adkin, a former army officer, is the author of several books on military history.