Fly Casting Scandinavian Style

Book Description

  • Spey casting with single-handed and double-handed rods, Scandinavian style
  • Lessons from the world-famous guide and instructor for casting distance with ease Henrik Mortensen's version of Scandinavian casting was designed to catch fish no matter where the caster is on the river--it is the most adaptable and flexible casting technique, giving the flyfisher the ability to handle any situation he encounters effortlessly.Mortensen shares the essentials of fly casting with single- and double-handed rods in the Scandinavian tradition, beginning with the basic technique of the overhead cast. An explanation of the physics of the proper cast--and how the rod, line, leader, and fly work as a balanced unit--tell how Scandinavian casting makes it a pleasure to cast and fish. The author covers the tried-and-true knots that are best for this style of casting and how to add the single and double haul to your casts.

  • About the Author

    Henrik Mortensen, a fly tackle designer with Zpey, travels extensively and teaches casting seminars. His website is When he's not on the road, he calls Osprey, Florida, home.

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