Reverse Glass Painting

Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Learning the Craft


Book Description

  • Basic skills from an expert
  • 14 projects with patterns provided
  • Full-color, step-by-step photographs

    Reverse glass painting, as demonstrated in this book, involves creating a traditional primitive picture on a piece of glass in a way that the finished image can be viewed on the opposite side of the glass. Here award-winning painter Anne Dimock provides advice on the tools and materials needed to get started, tips on creating a variety of painting effects, techniques on using stencils for borders, guidelines for applying and etching gold leaf, and step-by-step projects for mastering the craft. Helpful series photographs demonstrate the process for creating a variety of traditional images, including landscapes, maritime themes, fruits, flowers, animals, and human figures.

  • About the Author

    Anne Dimock lives in Trumansburg, New York, and is an instructor of reverse glass painting with the Historical Society of Early American Decoration. She has been teaching the art for more than twenty-five years and has received a number of awards for her work.

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