Blitzkrieg Unleashed

The German Invasion of Poland, 1939


Book Description

  • On-the-ground account of the opening campaign of World War II
  • Told from the perspective of the Germans who conquered Poland
  • Based on letters, diaries, official documents, histories, and newspapers

    At dawn on September 1, 1939, the Germans launched their land, air, and sea assault on Poland, sparking the great conflagration of World War II and shocking the world with the speed and ferocity of their blitzkrieg. With thundering panzers and screaming dive-bombers, they crushed the vital port of Danzig into submission, drove the Polish Air Force from the skies, and took Warsaw amid great bloodshed. After six weeks of brave resistance, the Poles surrendered, no match for the Nazi war machine.

  • About the Author

    Richard Hargreaves is also the author of The Germans in Normandy (978-0-8117-3513-1) and Blitzkrieg Unleashed (978-0-8117-0724-4). He lives near Portsmouth, England.