Panzer Wedge

The German 3rd Panzer Division and the Summer of Victory in the East

Book Description

  • How the exploits of German panzers were reported to the home front
  • Covers the 3rd Panzer Division during the invasion of the Soviet Union
  • Contains original articles by war correspondents who witnessed the battles
  • Detailed analyses and context provided by two panzer experts
  • First time in English
  • About the Author

    Lt. Fritz Lucke served with the German Army during World War II. Robert Edwards, a retired U.S. Army armor officer who led a scout platoon, has taught at West Point and is the author of Scouts Out (978-0-9117-1311-5). He has also translated numerous books from erman into English. He lives in Navarre, Florida. Michael Olive has been researching military history for decades, with a focus on tanks and aircraft. He lives in Trail, British Columbia.

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