Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell

Sex in the Civil War


Book Description

Lowry, a physician and medical historian, weaves a fascinating history of a little-discussed aspect (sex) of a much-discussed subject (the Civil War). --Library Journal

Drawing on a wide variety of primary sources--from letters that escaped the censoriousness of their writers' descendants to court-martial reports, prostitutes' diaries, and the modest remaining examples of very immodest Victorian erotica--Lowry argues that, in spite of Victorian mores, a thoroughly normal amount of sexual activity went on under the covers and in other places during the war." --Booklist

  • Explores the secret life of the men in blue and gray--from pornography, bawdy songs, and prostitution to stories of love and marriage
  • About the Author

    Thomas P. Lowry, M.D. retired from medicine--he was a was a physician and psychiatrist for forty years--to write historical human interest stories like this one.

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