The Big Book of Ohio Ghost Stories

Book Description

When it comes to chronicling the haunted history and supernatural mysteries of Ohio, there is no author more knowledgeable about the subject matter than James Willis. He is hands down the most thorough in his research of the known information and the most tenacious in his investigations into the unknown and unexplainable. But more important than his comprehensive documentation is what James does with all the material he gathers--and that is to weave it into chillingly entertaining ghostly tales through his supreme talent as a master storyteller. --Mark Moran, Co-creator of the Weird U.S. book series"Every state worth its psi salt has a crybaby bridge--some rickety crossing where spook seekers can hear doomed infants of the past scream their ghostly little lungs out at midnight. Ohio has two such bridges. That's only one of the freakish, phantom facts revealed by 'Expert Tour Guide to the Beyond' James A. Willis. In this book, he not only delivers the who, where, when, and 'what the . . .' of Ohio ghost stories, but spins each tale into a smooth blend of storytelling, legend, and history. Sure to satisfy anyone's hankering for hauntings, havoc, and horror in the 'boo-tiful' Buckeye State." --Linda S. Godfrey, Author of Haunted Wisconsin and Real WolfmenMore than 100 of the best, most spine-tingling accounts of ghosts from the Buckeye State, including . . .

  • The ghost-infested Franklin Castle
  • Moonville Tunnel's spectral brakeman
  • The state's urban legend capital Hell Town
  • Tortured souls of the inmates at Mansfield Reformatory
  • Ghostly handprints at the Gore Orphanage
  • The infamous "Stain" at The Ridges
  • About the Author

    James A. Willis lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is coauthor of Weird Indiana and Weird Ohio. He is the founder of The Ghosts of Ohio, a nationally recognized paranormal research organization.

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