Joshua Chamberlain

A Hero's Life and Legacy


Book Description

Joshua Chamberlain was much more than a war hero, and Pullen's thoughtful book fills out the picture of his remarkable life. An entertaining and inspiring story.
--Senator George J. Mitchell

"Pullen's book is a worthy tribute to Chamberlain's lasting legacy."
--Charles F. Herberger, Civil War Book Review

"Pullen's presentation is more complete in revealing a complicated character, without diminishing the almost mythic status he has assumed."
--Edward C. Smith, The Washington Times

  • A classic now in paperback
  • Recounts Chamberlain's later life through the lens of his experience during the Civil War
  • About the Author

    John J. Pullen, a renowned Civil War historian, also wrote Joshua Chamberlain: A Hero's Life and Legacy (978-0-8117-0886-9). He lived in Maine, writing about the Civil War until his death in 2003.

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