Racketeers of Europe

A Political Travelogue


Book Description

  • Mocking exposé of European dictators, comparing them to American gangsters like Al Capone
  • Written as a travelogue through a Europe plagued by rising militarism and anti-Semitism
  • Covers not only Hitler and Mussolini, but also Horthy in Hungary, Zog in Albania, Carol II in Romania, and Pilsudski's colonels in PolandDuring the 1930's, while Hitler and other dictators brought their boot heels down on Europe and Asia, many Americans looked the other way. Some, however, saw the dangers and published books sounding the alarm. Stackpole is proud to reprint a selection of these classic calls-to-arms, as well as other titles reflecting the spirit of the times, all of which shed light on a dark decade and have resonance in our own time.

  • About the Author

    W. A. S. Douglas (1886-1951) was a journalist for Universal Service.

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