Love at First Hike

A Memoir About Love and Triumph on the Appalachian Trail


Book Description

When recent graduate Michelle Pugh sets out to fulfill a childhood dream of hiking the A.T. from start to finish, she enjoys the bliss of being surrounded by nature, the peacefulness of small trail towns, and the companionship of fellow hikers. Unexpectedly, against the backdrop of wind-swept mountains, tranquil valleys, and breathtaking sunsets, she experienced a blossoming romance. But after an unavoidable injury forces her off the trail, she fears her dream of reaching Katahdin--and of maintaining her new relationship--will be gone. Little did she know what the future held.

About the Author

Michelle "Brownie" Pugh is the author of "One More Song," which appeared in the July/August 2008 edition of American Camping magazine, and is featured in the book Solemates--Lessons on Life, Love & Marriage from the Appalachian Trail by Randy "Windtalker" Motz and Georgia "Mom" Harris. Pugh lives in South Carolina, where she works as an emergency medical technician.

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