Birds Nearby

Getting to Know 45 Common Species of Eastern North America


Book Description

Booklist called John Eastman's Birds of Lake, Pond and Marsh "One of the most invaluable bird guides to be published in quite some time." This new bird guide collects Eastman's writings focusing on the birds we see around us in our yards, parks, and neighborhoods every day, and includes stunning new color photos.

  • Explains in clear language how each bird nests, mates, feeds, and migrates
  • Features 45 species of birds, each identified with a beautiful color photograph
  • Includes evolutionary adaptations, name origins, nature lore, and more

  • About the Author

    John Eastman is the author of Wildflowers of the Eastern United States (978-0-8117-1367-2), as well as numerous other books and articles about the natural world.

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