Hitler's Final Fortress

Breslau 1945


Book Description

In early 1945, the Red Army plunged into the Third Reich from the east, rolling up territory and crushing virtually everything in its path, with one exception: the city of Breslau, which Hitler had declared a fortress-city, to be defended to the death. This book examines in detail the notorious four-month siege of Breslau.

  • The first full-length English-language account of the bloody siege
  • Chronicles the bitter struggle as the Red Army encircled Breslau and eventually pillaged the city, taking savage retribution on the survivors
  • Details the brutal methods used by the city's Nazi leaders to keep German troops fighting and maintain order

  • About the Author

    Richard Hargreaves is also the author of The Germans in Normandy (978-0-8117-3513-1) and Blitzkrieg Unleashed (978-0-8117-0724-4). He lives near Portsmouth, England.

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