Luftwaffe KG 200

The German Air Force's Most Secret Unit of World War II


Book Description

Shrouded in secrecy during World War II and obscured by myth ever since, Kampfgeschwader 200 (200th Bomb Wing) remains one of the Luftwaffe's most fascinating formations. Considered a special-operations unit, KG 200 delivered spies while flying captured Allied aircraft, conducted clandestine reconnaissance missions, and tested Germany's newest weapons--such as a piloted version of the V-1 rocket (essentially a German kamikaze).

  • Covers some of the KG 200's more sinister operations, including suicide missions and the unit's role in defeating a French Resistance insurrection in June-July 1944
  • Includes information on aircraft used and known personnel losses
  • Features rare photos and color illustrations of KG 200 aircraft

  • About the Author

    The late Geoffrey Thomas was the author of Eyes for the Phoenix: Allied Aerial Photo-Reconnaissance Operations--South-East Asia 1941–1945 (978-0-9519-8994-4). Barry Ketley is the author of French Aces of World War 2 (978-1-8553-2898-3) and Luftwaffe Emblems (978-0-9554-2683-4).

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