Great Tunisian Crochet Projects

20 Colorful Patterns for Scarves, Afghans, Bags and More

Book Description

Colorful, easy-to-make designs for Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet is so easy! Using just one long or corded crochet hook and two simple stitches, Tunisian crochet is quick to learn, so you'll be able to pick your favorite project from this book and start on it right away. Although worked with a crochet hook and in a similar fashion to crochet, Tunisian crochet fabric is sturdier than traditional crochet and resembles knitting in the final product. It is a wonderful technique for creating scarves, purses, afghans, and more with the look of knitting but the ease of crochet!
• Patterns with symbol charts for 20 bright, colorful scarves, table toppers, wraps, afghans, and other accessories
• Graphic, colorful designs pack a stylish punch and are fun to crochet
• Illustrated instructions on Tunisian crochet techniques make it easy for a beginner to start making these projects right away

About the Author

Kristel Salgarollo is the author of several craft books, including Colorful Crochet Afghans and Pillows (978-0-8117-1463-1). She owns a quilt and fabric store in Belgium and has been teaching quilting and other fiber arts for more than twenty years.

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