Jack of All Trades

An American Advisor's War in Vietnam, 1969-70


Book Description

Maj. Ron Beckett had already served two tours in Vietnam when he received orders to return in April 1969. As the district senior advisor in the remote, rural Dinh Quan District of Long Khanh Province, he would face a demanding and dangerous assignment on the front lines of pacification.

  • A sometimes critical, sometimes humorous, always honest memoir of the American campaign to win Vietnamese hearts and minds
  • Details Beckett's and his team's efforts to support combat missions, gather intelligence, improve infrastructure, develop the local economy, and above all gain the trust of a people whose language they did not speak

  • About the Author

    The late Ron Beckett, a native of West Virginia, graduated from West Point in 1961 and retired from the U.S. Army in 1983. He later served as a school associate superintendent near Annapolis, Maryland.

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