Medicina en Zonas Silvestres NOLS


Book Description

One of the finest first aid books I've seen.--Mel Otten, M.D., Wilderness Medical SocietyThis vital resource for outdoor enthusiasts is now available for the first time in Spanish. Learn how to prevent, recognize, and treat common medical problems and to stabilize a severely ill or injured patient for evacuation.

  • The bestselling NOLS Guide
  • New chapters on judgment and decision-making and mental health
  • First-aid topics--patient assessment, shock, soft tissue injury, burns, fractures and dislocations, and chest, head, and abdominal injury
  • How to handle environmental problems--heat, cold, water, altitude, and poisonous plants and animals

  • About the Author

    A wilderness educator since 1973, Tod Schimelpfenig is the curriculum director for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute. He lives in Lander, Wyoming.

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