Pennsylvania Caves & Other Rocky Roadside Wonders


Book Description

  • Features Last River Caverns, Crystal Cave, Indian Echo Caverns, Woodward Cave, Penn's Cave, Indian Caverns, Lincoln Caverns, Coral Caverns, and Laurel Caverns and includes ice mines, coal mines, boulder fields, and rock cities
  • Detailed history of each cave
  • Legends and local lore of many features and sites

    A roadside travel guide to and history of Pennsylvania's nine commercial caves and a wealth of other geographical sites within the state.

  • About the Author

    Kevin Patrick is Professor of Geography at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has worked as a consultant for the National Park Service, and has led dozens of commercial landscape trips through New Jersey and other parts of the country. He is the author of Pennsylvania Caves and coauthor with Brian Butko and Kyle Weaver of Diners of Pennsylvania.

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