Roots of Strategy: Book 4


Book Description

  • Selections from four legends in maritime and air strategy: Mahan, Corbett, Douhet and Mitchell
  • Introduction by noted military strategist and author David Jablonsky

    David Jablonsky has compiled the best writings of four of the most influential theorists of naval and air power in the past century. Alfred Thayer Mahan's Influence of Sea Power Upon History, Julian Corbett's Some Principles of Maritime Strategy, Guilio Douhet's Command of the Air, and William "Billy" Mitchell's Winged Defense continue to have relevance for students and practitioners of naval and air strategy. They illustrate the continuity of strategic thought, even through current times of great and widespread change.

  • About the Author

    Col. (Ret.) David Jablonsky, Ph.D. is the Professor of National Security Affairs in the Department of National Security and Strategy at the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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