Diners of New England

Book Description

  • Maps pinpoint diners' locations and trace routes for scenic drives
  • Comprehensive listings of diners with addresses, phone numbers, and brief descriptions
  • Diner styles and manufacturers

    Every diner is unique, from its design to its menu, but Randy Garbin knows the heart of a diner is the people who bring it to life day after day. Here he takes readers on a lively trip across the 6 states of New England and offers a sampling of the diners that operate there, focusing on the personalities and communities--and, of course, the cuisine--that make each diner special. Garbin shows that these roadside havens of good food and good people are alive and well.

  • About the Author

    Randy Garbin is the founder of Roadside magazine and RoadsideOnline.com, devoted to the back roads and Main Streets of America, with a special focus on diners. He is the author of Diners of New England. He lives in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

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