Underground Railroad in Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia


Book Description

  • Detailed maps trace the routes runaway slaves followed
  • Explores the impact of geography, transportation, free blacks, and members of religious congregations on the Underground Railroad
  • Information on modern roads and landmarks allows readers to retrace escape paths

    In a companion volume to his highly regarded Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania (0-8117-1629-5), William J. Switala focuses on the escaped-slave network in the eastern border states of Delaware and Maryland, as well as the region that became West Virginia in 1863. Using fresh and extensive research, Switala fills a glaring void in the historical record of this important topic. Full of vivid anecdotes and lucid reconstructions, this book brings the Underground Railroad to life for the modern reader

  • About the Author

    William J. Switala is a former professor of education at Duquense University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the author of several textbooks on Pennsylvania history. He has been researching the Underground Railroad for more than ten years and has lectured extensively on the subject.

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