A Guide to Night Sounds

The Nighttime Sounds of 60 Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, and Insects


Book Description

  • The nighttime sounds of 60 animals
  • Features numerous pencil drawings and full-color photos and includes an hour-long audio CD
  • Information on the appearance and nighttime habits of each species

    As anyone who has been captivated by the sounds of an evening outdoors knows, the nightly music of the woods can be a lovely but bewildering mix of hoots, croaks, howls, and grunts. This handy collection of field recordings and species descriptions helps you to identify the various members of the nocturnal chorus, from crickets and owls to otters, porcupines, and alligators. Illustrated with gorgeous pencil drawings and full-color photographs, it's the perfect complement to the sounds of the night.

  • About Elliott, Lang

    Lang Elliott is the owner of NatureSound Studio, a wildlife recording company based in Ithaca, New York.