Timeless Bowhunting

The Art, The Science, The Spirit


Book Description

Timeless Bowhunting will help you:

  • Choose a bow based on the merits of technical design
  • Find a hunting arrow that gives optimum accuracy, trajectory, and penetration
  • Shoot accurately uphill, downhill, from tree stands, and in the wind
  • Choose an effective shooting style for your type of hunting
  • Perfect your shooting form by eliminating common shooting flaws
  • Find the best aiming method for you
  • About the Author

    As a professional engineer and avid archer of nearly 50 years, Roy S. Marlow shares practical insights for complex archery issues. He has published over 100 archery and bowhunting articles and has taken a variety of big-game species from across the Lower 48, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico, using modern, traditional, and primitive equipment.

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