Witness to Gettysburg

Inside the Battle That Changed the Course of the Civil War


Book Description

From the events that led to the clash at Gettysburg in July 1863 to the retreat of Robert E. Lee's defeated Confederates, Richard Wheeler uses the words of participants--both Northern and Southern--to bring one of the Civil War's bloodiest, most pivotal battles to life. Wheeler blends these compelling personal accounts into a startlingly vivid tapestry of war and a dramatic narrative that entertains as well as informs. This is eyewitness history at its best.

About the Author

Richard Wheeler is also author of four other Civil War histories: Voices of the Civil War (0-452-01066-7), The Siege of Vicksburg (0-690-01507-0), Sherman's March (0-06-097413-3), and Sword over Richmond (0-06-092067-X). He lives in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.

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