Guide to Ducks and Geese


Book Description

  • An easy-to-use introduction and ID guide
  • Includes all North American ducks and geese
  • With a "What to Look For" list for each species

    Common, numerous, and often easy to observe, ducks and geese are nonetheless sometimes difficult to identify. This straightforward introduction to ducks and geese will help you put a name to almost every duck or goose you'll find in the wild. It offers large, colorful photos of every species found in North America--dabbling ducks, diving ducks, and geese--as well as the loons, grebes, and other waterbirds you're most likely to see. In most cases, both a male and a female in breeding plumage are shown. Accompanying text describes the species' habits, behaviors, characteristics, and calls--information that will help anyone appreciate these wild creatures and make a positive ID in the field.

  • About the Author

    Chuck Hagner is the editor of Birder's World magazine, a longtime birder, and an experienced writer whose work has appeared in Nature Conservancy magazine, dozens of Time-Life books, and other publications. He lives in Milwaukee. Tom Vezo is an award-winning wildlife photographer who travels the world to capture images of animals in their natural environments. His photos have appeared in Audubon, Bird Watcher's Digest, Birder's World, National Geographic, National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, Sierra, and WildBird as well as in numerous calendars and advertisements. Tom lives in Green Valley, Arizona, with his wife, Dorothy.

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