Venomous Snakes

Wild Guide

Book Description

  • A full-color guide to the natural history of venomous snakes
  • Information on dealing with venomous snakes in the wild
  • Includes 19 North American species accounts Feared and reviled by many, venomous snakes are woefully misunderstood. This illustrated guide clears up many of the misconceptions about the animals and offers a glimpse into their extraordinary lives. Covering everything from hunting, feeding, and locomotion to shedding, mating, and reproduction, the book also examines the difficulties that these snakes and humans have coexisting and gives advice on what to do should you encounter a venomous snake in the field.

  • About the Author

    The work of nature writer Cynthia Berger has appeared in magazines such as National Wildlife, Sports Afield, and Birder's World. A writer for the radio programs "Earth and Sky" and "The Ocean Report," she is also the author of several books. She lives in State College, Pennsylvania.

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