Never Quit the Fight


Book Description

Drawing on his global experiences from Africa to Iraq, author Ralph Peters attacks today's crucial issues of our time head-on, with the clear eye and blunt voice that has won him a devoted following:

  • Is Iraq worth it? What's the truth behind the politics?
  • Are our defense dollars buying a strong military--or the wrong military?
  • Are we missing great opportunities elsewhere while hypnotized by the Middle East?
  • Must we accept that Islam itself is the problem?
  • Will we face a war with China? What would such a war mean?
  • Can Washington learn from its mistakes?

    These are just a few of the controversial issues Peters takes on in a series of body blows to the status quo. Famed as the most original strategist of our time, Ralph Peters builds on the critical and commercial success of previous books, Wars of Blood and Faith (978-0-8117-0274-4) and New Glory (1-59523-011-4), to offer a stunningly fresh vision for our military, our country, and the world.

  • About the Author

    Fox News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters is the author of 27 books, including bestselling and prize-winning novels. He has experience in over 70 countries and, as a journalist, has covered multiple conflicts. His work has appeared in a wide range of publications and he serves on the advisory board of Armchair General magazine. He lives in Virginia.

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