Guerrilla Warfare

Irregular Warfare in the Twentieth Century


Book Description

  • Succinct accounts of 21 guerrilla conflicts in the twentieth century
  • Wars covered include the Boer War, the Philippine War, World War I, the Russian Revolution, World War II, Vietnam, the Algerian War, the Afghan-Soviet War, and more
  • The exploits of men like Lawrence of Arabia, Orde Wingate, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevera

    In war, whenever one side outnumbers and outguns the other, the outnumbered and outgunned side often resorts to guerrilla warfare to address the asymmetry and frequently achieves victory. The twentieth century produced scores of such conflicts, whether as sideshows of the world wars or as the main events in wars of revolution or liberation. Guerrilla Warfare examines twenty-one of these conflicts, shedding light on the remarkable capabilities of unconventional fighters to outlast and defeat their enemies.

  • About the Author

    William Weir is a former army combat correspondent and photographer in the Korean War. He lives in Guilford, Connecticut

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