Spies in the Deer Woods

How to Hunt Game & Monitor Wildlife with a Scouting Camera


Book Description

One of the hottest new tools for hunters, the scouting camera has become a deer hunter's best friend. Scouting cameras, triggered by heat and motion, provide clues to the habits and whereabouts of deer traveling through your favorite hunting area. Wildlife watchers and families are using these cameras, too, because they enjoy knowing what passes by when no one is around. The authors give advice on how to buy the right camera, how to set it up in the optimal location, how to encourage wildlife to visit, and how to interpret the photos you get. Spies in the Deer Woods is full of ideas on how to use these cameras to scout out your next big buck or bear.

About the Author

Walt Larsen is a long-time outdoorsman and scouting camera enthusiast and is president of Scales Advertising. He has many years of experience with scouting cameras. He lives in Minnesota. Dick Scorzafava is a well-known hunting guide, speaker, and outdoor writer. He and his wife, Stackpole author Lorelei, live in Massachusetts.

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