NCO Guide


Book Description

  • How to train, lead, and counsel troops effectively plus how to move along one's career as an NCO by continuing education, training, and professional development
  • Information about all the regulations NCOs need to be aware of in carrying out their jobs
  • References to Army publications are completely converted to the new numbering system

    Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert S. Rush's guide for the U.S. Army noncomissioned officer is updated and revised for 2010. Updates in the ninth edition include a revised section on leadership, new information about continuing education and training available to NCOs, and updated references to Army publications following the new system. The guide is an excellent resource for an NCO, covering training, military justice, promotions, benefits, counseling soldiers, physical fitness, regulations, and other things every NCO needs to know.

  • About the Author

    Robert S. Rush is a retired Command Sergeant Major. He holds a Ph.D. in history and is currently with the Army's Center for Military History.

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