How Long Things Live

And How They Live as Long as They Do


Book Description

  • Solid science presented in an entertaining and informative way
  • Filled with fascinating "did you know?" facts about extremely short- and long-lived creatures, as well as those in between

    A gall midge hatches, breeds, and dies in a 3-hour period. A bowhead whale can live for 200 years, a quahog clam 400. And box huckleberries growing today sprouted some 13,000 years ago. This fact-filled science book explains how and why some 99 animals and plants--including dragonflies, horses, dogs, snakes, humans, tortoises, sequoias, and jellyfish--live as long, or as briefly, as they do.

  • About the Author

    Anthony D. Fredericks is the author of the Science Fair Handbook and a number of science books for young people. He is a professor at York College in Pennsylvania and lives in Dover.

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