Fighting Light Pollution

Smart Lighting Solutions for Individuals and Communities


Book Description

  • The first practical guide to alleviating an increasingly prevalent environmental concern
  • How smart lighting can save energy costs and improve safety around the home, along the streets, and in public places--all while helping to preserve the night sky
  • Describes smart-lighting success stories and offers information on how to work with public officials to enact smart-lighting guidelines
  • Explains the negative effects of poor lighting and glare
  • Geared to home owners and renters, stargazers, nature-lovers, business owners, community leaders, and public officials--anyone with an interest in efficient and effective lighting

  • About

    The International Dark Sky Association was founded in 1988 and today has 58 chapters in 16 countries. The organization works with manufacturers, city planners, legislators, and citizens to provide energy efficient lighting options and legislation that reduces light pollution.