Fishing and Tying Small Flies


Book Description

When fishing gets tough, fly fishers might be tempted to use bigger, flashier flies, but expert angler Ed Engle knows that tiny, sparsely dressed flies often work when nothing else will. With a little attention to tying the flies and fishing technique, fly fishers will take trout on flies as small as 24, 28, and even 30.

Now combining his two classic books on small fly tying and fishing in one updated, second-edition volume, Engle covers the patterns and how to fish them. You’ll learn how to find and observe trout in small-fly water, how to evaluate the major small-fly hatches, how to fish the surface and below, and how to strike, play, and land trout on tiny flies. Engle deftly covers small-fly history and how the flies have developed. Tying tools, special materials, specific patterns for aquatic insects, tying techniques, and a full complement of patterns complete the book.

About Engle, Ed

Ed Engle began writing his column on small flies for Fly Tyer magazine in 1996. He developed his skill for fishing small flies on the South Platte River more than 40 years ago and has lectured on fishing and tying small flies at fishing trade shows for almost as long. He lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado where he guides and instructs fly fishers on the South Platte. His website is