Knit Your Story in Yarn

How to Design and Knit an Heirloom Quilt, Shawl, Bag, and More


Book Description

Flowers are often symbolic and intertwined with life’s most special occasions, from weddings and christenings to idyllic summer afternoons spent making daisy chains. To preserve memories of these special occasions, Dee Hardwicke has graphed motifs of a variety of flowers and leaves that can be used to knit intarsia motifs. She teaches you the basics of knitting intarsia, and then provides patterns to knit these motifs to create a gorgeous and meaningful quilt, shawl, project bag, pillow, bunting, or other project. Once you’ve learned the basics, if you want to go beyond Dee’s motifs, she provides the chart and instructions to create your own.

About the Author

Dee Hardwicke is an artist, designer, and knitter with a passionate belief in creating beautiful and accessible pieces that bring color and joy to everyday life. She is trained in the fine arts, and works from a studio in South Wales, United Kingdom.

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