Fighter Group

The 352nd "Blue-Nosed Bastards" in World War II

Book Description

Jay A. Stout breaks new ground in World War II history with this gripping account of one of the war's most highly decorated American fighter groups. Stout combines the storytelling gifts and careful research for a seasoned historian with the combat experience of a former fighter pilot to tell the remarkable story of the 352nd Fighter Group. This isn’t just the story of a single fighter group; it’s the story of how the United States won the air war over Europe.

About the Author

Jay A. Stout is a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot who flew 37 combat missions in the F/A-18 Hornet during Desert Storm. His work has been read on the floor of the U.S. Senate, and he has appeared as a combat aviation specialist on Fox, Al Jazeera, and NPR. His earlier books include Hell’s Angels and The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe. He lives near San Diego, California.

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