Hartman on Skeet


Book Description

Here at last is the definitive book on skeet shooting. The name of its author, Barney Hartman, is already a byword within North America's skeet shooting community. For novices, it's enough to say that during the last twenty years Hartman has carried off just about every major skeet shooting trophy on the continent. And now he tells in simple, easy-to-understand language just how he did it. Step by step in words and pictures he takes the reader through every conceivable aspect of skeet -- and then, having covered the fundamentals (which apply to trap shooting as well), he candidly reveals his own personal secrets of success.

About the Author

Barney Hartman first shot skeet in 1946 at Goose Bay, Labrador, and earned his first world record in competing in major tournaments and settling many world record, most recently his 1966 record of all-time, all divisions all-round rating of .9875 with 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge guns. His lifetime percentage with all four guns is 97.73, also the world record. In 1963 he retired from the RCAF with the rank of Squadron leader, and he is now with the shooting promotion staff of Canadian Industries Ltd. in Montreal.

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