Hitler's Wings of Death


Book Description

How big is Germany’s Air Force?
Of what is it capable?
Is Hitler preparing for battle?
Will Germany wage and air-war?
These questions, and many more, are answered in this book. Concisely, employing a lucid style which will be refreshing to American readers, Herr Lehmann-Russbueldt states the case of Hitler’s rapidly growing air corps.
First-hand information is divulged, unassailable facts are presented, and everyone—students of international affairs or not—will lay down this book with a greater knowledge and a truer realization of the martial situation prevelant in Germany under Der Fuehrer.

About the Author

The pacifist Otto Lehmann-Rußbüldt, born in 1873 in Berlin, was co-founder of the German League for Human Rights and leading representatives of the German peace movement. In 1933 he emigrated to the Netherlands and subsequently to the United Kingdom. He belonged to the 33 Germans, who in 1933 were on the first list of citizens of the National Socialists. He died in Berlin in 1964.

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