On Your Own in the Wilderness


Book Description

What Thoreau proved a century ago about returning to nature will still work today. There is an inexpressible thrill in the intimate study of primitive country, the workshop of nature, the appreciation of wilderness technique. Unspoiled regions possess a quiet beauty and peace—no artificiality, no crowds, all woods uncut.
There is unbounded satisfaction and pleasure in successfully meeting the challenge of the wilderness. The two requirements for man in the North Country are knowledge and equipment. Colonel Townsend Whelen and Bradford Angier have combined their vast experiences camping and bivouacking to produce the perfect guide to peace and utter freedom. If the wilderness calls you, they invite you to join them and talk together about how to live in it.
They explain what from their experience they found to be the best ways of entering wild and unspoiled country, of finding their way through it, and living there in comfort and safety. On Your Own in the Wilderness is their explicit direction on how to escape to an earthly Paradise.

About the Author

Bradford Angier (May 13, 1910 – March 3, 1997) was a wilderness survivalist and proponent of back to earth living. He authored more than 35 books on how to survive in the wild and how to live minimalisticly off the land.

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