Cardboard Loom Weaving

25 Fast and Easy Projects


Book Description

Start weaving today on your own handmade cardboard looms!

With the instructions in this book, you are only minutes away from creating your own one-of-a-kind woven scarves, pillows, handbags, and more. Step-by-step instructions walk you through how to make simple looms from cardboard. Make flat looms, circular looms, and three-dimensional looms for tubular weaving. Then follow the instructions to learn to weave a variety of textile patterns, and make the 25 original projects. Hats, wrist warmers, boot toppers, blankets, seat cushions, pot holders, and more--there is no limit to what you can weave once you know how!

About the Author

Harumi Kageyama started her career in craft book publishing and became known for her "easy to make and easy to use" projects using natural and found materials like twigs, driftwood, wire and fabric. She has contributed to handicraft segments on TV and radio and also teaches classes that focus on upcycling materials. She is the author of several books on weaving and crafting published in Japan. Her website is

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