The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie

Paintings of Upland Hunting, Angling, and Waterfowling


Book Description

Eldridge Hardie has made a name for himself as a highly respected sporting artist, capturing in watercolor and oil the heart-in-the-throat moments and the quieter times hunters and fishermen live for. Hardie’s art helps us see, feel, understand, and hold on to those times.

This book, with 150 paintings carefully and exquisitely reproduced, documents Hardie’s lifework. Hardie has painted every kind of sporting scene—Wisconsin grouse hunts, Atlantic salmon camps, southern quail plantations, angling waters in Tierra del Fuego and Scotland, waterfowling on the Santee marsh and Chesapeake Bay, fly fishing the Bahama flats, the Bighorn, Colorado, and South Platte Rivers. He’s painted home rivers and close-to-home fields and destinations to dream for. He recalls these times and the paintings that capture them in descriptive text. Workbook pages of preliminary studies and notations from the artist’s workbooks are reproduced side by side with the paintings. These notes give a rare look into the artist’s creative process.

About the Author

For six decades Eldridge Hardie has worked at what he loves doing, painting his passion for outdoor sport. His art has graced the pages of books—his own and others, been published in the pages of the finest sporting magazines, hung in North America’s galleries and private collections, and been shown in prestigious exhibitions. He lives in Denver, Colorado

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