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Surviving Cold Weather

Greg Davenport's Books for the Wilderness

Gregory J. Davenport

About this book
  • How to dress for winter; how to create a campsite and what to use as shelter; how to keep warm
  • How to signal for help with aerial flares, smoke, mirrors, and whistles; finding and purifying water; finding and preparing food; protecting yourself and your supplies from wildlife
  • How to use a map and compass; how to travel on snow and ice with snowshoes, skis, and crampons; how to avoid and deal with avalanches

    The first in Greg Davenport's Books for the Wilderness series, Surviving Cold Weather covers the techniques and equipment necessary for surviving in ice and snow. Photos and drawings illustrate gear and techniques. The book covers the five survival essentials--personal protection, signaling, sustenance, navigation, and health--as they relate to the cold. Upcoming books in the series are Surviving Open and Coastal Waters, Surviving the Desert, and Surviving the Jungle.