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The Art of Weaving

Master the Techniques, Understand the Weave Structures, Create Your Own Designs

Betty Briand

About this book

This comprehensive guide to floor loom weaving begins with the basics—parts of the loom, how to wind your warp and dress your loom; how to read and weave drafts—but then goes so much farther, explaining the different types of weaves and how to read and weave from charts, and exploring a variety of weaves in depth. The author covers each topic in detail, with illustrations, photos, and charts to guide you. The first half of the book is devoted to the basics of weaving, and the second part teaches a variety of weave structures and how to use them and adapt them to whatever you want to make. The Art of Weaving is extensive in its scope, and a reference book appropriate for all skill levels.

* Preparing your yarn and threading your floor loom

* Understanding and working from drafts

* Exploring weave structures

* Finishing

* Troubleshooting

About this author

Betty Briand’s interest in textiles is rooted in childhood skills learned from her grandparents who were passionate about fiber arts: weaving, spinning, vegetable dyeing, knitting, and making ropes. After solid training from several instructors, she became a full-time weaving teacher. Today, she works with students in her ARTissage workshop/school located in Chinon in Touraine, France, while continuing her own explorations in weaving.